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A secret little shop full of style

Italy is the place to be if you want to turn your style to a more elegant, unique and impressive one! Many of you come to Italy to shop and very often the big stylists like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Ferragamo.... and many others are the most visited.

For fancy jewels I have my secret place and this is really a secret one, out of the tourists itineraries and very much visited by the milanese ladies.

At Chic ah Hoc you can find silver, gold plated, pearls, semi precious stones, all in amazing jewels easy to wear and of great effect!

Gloria is the heart od Chic ad Hoc, this tiny, very smart and stylish place not far from the centre. She will welcome you finding for you exactly what is perfect to match your style and your wishes. Trust me, it's an experience!

And, to finish, I want to point out that this is really a place that I love so much and that I want to share with you, not a commercial or payd post.


Chic ad Hoc, via Vincenzo Monti 47, Milano

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