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Ornella Marcante

I'm an experienced italian chef. I have run my own restaurant for years and now I am the teacher
and owner of Cook in Milano. My passion is spreading the traditional italian cuisine with people
coming from all over the world. My skills, techniques and tricks are what you need to recreate the
italian recipes when you return home, sharing a nice lunch or dinner with friends or siblings!
During my lessons you'll be able to learn the real farm to table italian culture, try the most popular
italian recipes and enjoy yourself in a professional but open and relaxing place!

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...something more about me

Experience, passion and joy are the three key words of my cuisine, my way of  living, my Cook in Milano school.

I have been cooking since 30 years ago…  starting with a catering business….ending with a restaurant ranked among the first 100 restaurants in Milano out of 7.000 ones!

My school is passion as everything I have done in my life.

Trying a new recipe is passion, interpreting an old recipe is passion as it is cooking soups, for instance.

Why soups? Because if you love your soup, it will love you:  Soups, such as any long cooking food, needs attention, time, patience……all things we are losing in our everyday life.

Cooking is a way of sharing emotions, anything is different if dealt around a table in front of a nice pasta  or soup…or roasted meat or even a sweet dessert!

Do you remember how joyful you have been in front of your favorite dish? And do you remember the mouth-watering? And the sense of being loved, taken care of?

In my cooking school you will find all of this.

cooking with me!

You will be welcomed in my own home, my own world, and accompanied upstairs to my cooking class kitchen facing a lovely terrace full of trees: an olive, an orange, a pomegranate, strawberries……white roses…..all waiting for you, to welcome you.

We will cook together but the star will be you! While cooking I will talk to you about the italian cooking culture: olive oil, ham, cheese….you will explore many of the most important italian products and our history!

But we will have time even for some funny episodes regarding my family story!

Our classes are small ones as welcoming and having the possibility to interact with me anytime is the focus of my way of conceiving my teaching.

Once you enter my kitchen, my home, my world, you will join a sort of ‘family’ group which can contact me even from the other side of the world (thanks to technology, it’s so great sometimes!!!!...) for doubts, questions, greetings, recipes…..anything regarding cooking. It’s a plus I’m honored to offer to my ‘kitchen mates’ with no expiry date.

Join me: it will be an experience!


“What an experience!!! I would give this more stars if I could. Chef Ornella spoiled us! She showed us how making Italian food by hand is easy and quick. Not only did we learn great techniques in cooking we also got to eat the delicious meal when we were done. One of the best cooking experiences I have had. It is a must to do!"

how it works

Discover the secrets of italian home cooking as you make a 4-5 course meal of tasty dishes like tagliatelle from scratch, pesto sauce (from scratch), saltimbocca alla romana (meat), yummy zucchini  and ricotta cream as a dessert, all using fresh organic ingredients from a local market near Milano. At the end, savor the fruits of your labor with some Prosecco di Valdobbiadene sparkling white wine.

Numbers are limited to six people for this small-group classes, ensuring a more personalized experience.

On a typical lesson day, if Tuesday, we meet and go to the local food market, shop around for some items we will need for lesson and stroll to our penthouse school kitchen, in the centre of Milano. In the other days we directly meet in our penthouse (with a lovely terrace), where we prepare a full meal,  learning techniques and tricks you need to recreate it when you return home.

Meals are made up of recipes using local and seasonal ingredients (changes can be made for individuals with specific dietary requirements where appropriate). Recipes can be turned glutenfree, lactose free, alcool free, and vegan, when previously agreed. After the lesson we can sit down together in our lovely open terrace to enjoy the fruits of our labour along with a glass of selected  wine rounded off with some coffee.


We believe that the true expression of our special italian cuisine comes from the quality of its fresh seasonal products so we strive to always ensure that we have the best of what Italy has to offer in order to share this with our guests. 


This is an entertaining and informative day out, recommended for cooks of all levels.


Bring your appetite and your smile!

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