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Romanengo where art meets confectionery.

Founded in 1814 in Genoa (a nice city by the sea less than two hours far from Milano), , the Historic Shop Romanengo is a monument protected by the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape.

Since a couple of years ago, in the oldest heart of Milano, so that the link with history remains constant, three distinct spaces has been opened to continue to talk about the story of Romanengo. The confectionery shop, with their authentic assortment of candied fruit, fondants and chocolate; the tea and spice shop, to re-propose the link between these products and their origins; last but not least, La Corte, a place inspired by French tea salons that becomes a refuge where you can rediscover the slow passage of time.

Don't miss this hidden gem in Milano to buy sweets in their famous decorated wooden boxes and take home something really very special and unique!!

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